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" When I was younger, I knew I felt different to those around me and when I told my family they struggled to come to terms with my sexuality. Years went by with hardly any contact until my father fell ill. Having experienced years of rejection, I called a psychic reader and they gave me the insight into dealing with my situation. I so depseratley wanted to be be there for my mother and father, and with a few readings I gained the knowledge to conquer the boundaries in front of me. My Father passed away but I was able to patch up our relationship in time. My mother and I are the like the best of friends now. Picking up the phone and getting the courage I lacked really turned my life around. "

Gillian 56 Brighton

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" Tremedous results for such a bargain! My sisters and brothers are what I live for. "

Shirley 31 Newcastle-under-Lyme

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Family and Friends help us achieve our dreams.
Without Family and Friends, life would be a less enriched existence. We are here to assist you with any family matters that you have that can assist you achieve inner harmony and love.

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A little love goes along way with Family and Friends

Most of us are lucky enough to have good family and / or friends around us to cope with any little knock backs we endure through life. Sometimes those problems are caused by friends and family and we can advise you how to resolve any differences and give you deep and clear insight into any situation that arises. Family and friends are the important people we hold dear, sometimes distance in terms of travelling can lead to our bonds being strained and wires crossed. But true family and friends will always come around, because true unconditional love is a bond which can never be broken no matter what the problem. Let us today assist you by starting down the road of reconciliation with a loved one, or enhance a flourishing relationship with those closest to you. Life is too short to put things on the back burner and as humans beings, we all lose sight of what is most important to our lives. Our expertly trained psychics, mediums, clairvoyants and tarot readers can give you the knowledge and indepth clarity to assist you overcome any boundaries between family or friends which may have arose. No issue is too great or too small to fix.

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(Call cost 65p per minute plus network access charges apply)